Logging in:

Navigate to your site URL + /wp-admin to log in. If you’re using your TUAccessnet username to log in, click the red button as seen below. 

Login Screen
(If you are using a non-Temple account, select “Use local account” and log in to the standard WordPress interface)

Next, you should be greeted with a familiar screen, where you will enter your Temple login information:

Adding New Users in Bulk:

If you need to add many new users to your site at once, create a .CSV file containing 2 columns, titled “username” and “email” and placed in that order, as seen below. Or you can download and populate this CSV template.

In the username column, list ONLY TUAccessnet usernames (e.g., tun05066) and do not include “”. This will not work if you list alias usernames in this column. Next to the user’s TUAccessnet username, list their email address in the “email” column.



Next, navigate to the backend of your site, and select Tools > Import and export users and customers from the left hand menu.

Upload the CSV file you created with the Choose File button:

Select the user role(s) (most student users should be entered in as Contributors):

Choose Role

Under Update users, select Yes, add new users and not override existing ones for the Update roles for existing users? option. Leave all other settings as they are.

Update users

Then click Start Importing at the bottom of the page.